Diablo III

Welcome to the hub post for this game. If you can’t see the post formatting guide or the “Comments” section please click the game name above or “Continue reading” below to see the full hub page.

Link to GameCentral Review

If you are interested in playing fellow GC readers at Diablo III please leave your details in the comment section in the following format:

Platform (e.g. PS3/Xbox 360/PC/Mobile/Tablet/WiiU)

Your Platform’s Network ID Name (e.g. PSN ID/Gamertag/Steam ID) and/or your Twitter ID

Game Modes Interested In (e.g. ALL / Deathmatch / Capture The Flag / Checkpoint Race / Co-op, as applicable to particular game or genre of game. We know there isn’t usually a deathmatch mode in football or driving games before you say so in the comments, this is a standard cut’n’paste text!)

PLEASE KEEP CHAT TO A MINIMUM IN THE COMMENTS. Ideally this section is for advertising your interest in playing the specified game and exchanging contact information. Chat will clutter it and make find playing partners more difficult. Thank you.


2 responses to “Diablo III

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  2. HafodBoi (gamertag & Twitter)

    Hello all, up for some Diablo action on the Xbox One

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