Games Arcades and Machines

Finding old arcade cabinets and old-school arcades in the UK is a fairly regular topic in the GameCentral Inbox. The problem is that the answers get lost there. Hopefully this page can collect them together.

List the location of any gaming arcades or old machines you have found here.

Please list in the following format, if you have sufficient information.

– Name of premises/business

– Address or general location

– Specific machines available, or if too many please estimate their number

If a previously posted location is no longer around please post a comment.


3 responses to “Games Arcades and Machines

  1. Mentioned by GCer “Will Bill” in 8/07/2014 Inbox letter regarding gaming venues.

    The Four Quarters bar in Peckham, London. It’s run by the same people behind the Retro Game Base shop ( in Streatham.

  2. Mentioned by GameCentral on 7/07/14 Evening Inbox in reply to reader’s request about London gaming venues.

    Heart Of Gaming is venue that is home to a large selection of arcade machines and console spanning gaming over several decades. Located in Acton, North West London.

  3. Mentioned in Inbox by Choppa299 on 14/3/2014 regarding London gaming venues.

    Trocadero shopping centre “still has a few games left downstairs”

    The Pipeline Bar ( near Liverpool Street is the place for real pinball machines. They “have six machines to play there that get rotated on a regular basis”.

    LOADING SOHO (part of a chain which started in Cornwall) sits inside the MADD juice bar in Soho and offers a retro arcade themed cafe with consoles and arcade machines to play. Article about it here

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