Teletext Gaming Coverage

Teletext in the UK played host to two popular gaming sections before it’s closure, Digitiser and GameCentral.

Here are links to some articles & websites about them (more will be added as we find them):

History of GameCentral – The Wikipedia page for GameCentral giving some background.

History of Digitiser – The Wikipedia page for Digitiser giving some background.

Digi-me-do! It’s a history of Digitiser – an article from Games Asylum.

Digitiser: Video Game Journalism’s Finest Hour – an article from Scripted Sequence.

GameCentral Archives – An unofficial archive of reviews and features from GC’s early online days and pre-Metro. No longer updated.

Teletext Preservation Project – Contains archived pages of Digitiser. Archive 1 / Archive 2

Digitiser Cartoon Strip Generator –  Create art in the style of Digi.

Super Page 58 – Unofficial Digitiser tribute site.

note: The name Teletext is used in reference to the company of that name that ran teletext services on ITV and Channel 4, not “teletext” as sometimes used as a generic term for TV based information delivery.