How This Works


If a new game has a multiplayer mode we’ll set up a webpage (or “hub”) for it. GameCentral readers can then leave their details in the “Comments” section of their chosen game(s) in the prescribed format to advertise their interest in playing.

Basically you just register your interest in all the games you wish to play with fellow readers on their individual pages and/or read through the relevant “Comments” section to find others who have already posted their details.

We then hope you’ll contact each other via your game network IDs and/or Twitter for any subsequent communication. Please don’t post email addresses as it’s likely to result in spam, “spiders” scour the internet looking for addresses to add to their mailing lists. Also we’d rather you kept chat to a minimum in the “Comments” section to ensure finding fellow players is as easy as possible.

There’s a list of the most recent games hubs added, a search facility and a category filter on every page to help you find the game you are looking for. We have also used a Co-Op tag on all games, where we know there is such an option, for those of you that prefer this type of multi-player.

Each game’s “hub” page is basically a cut’n’paste template of the formatting we would like you to use for your “Comments” section posts you make. The “Comments” section will be ordered by newest first to help ensure that the person is still likely to be interested in playing. The cut’n’paste nature of these pages is a necessary step as it saves a lot of time running this site.

The condition for a game being added is that there must be some way to play over a large area, i.e. not just locally using split screen, even if this is via a LAN mode combined with LAN tunnelling gaming software like XLink.

Our initial policy will be to add new games only, and usually only then if GC has reviewed them already. The main reason for this is simple: time. We don’t have time to add every game ever made with a multiplayer mode unfortunately! If there is a game (new or old) that you’d like to play that doesn’t have it’s own page please post the game’s title on our Request A Hub page and we’ll see what we can do.

We’ll end this with two suggestions when posting.

– Please mention GCRA in any initial communications you make so they know it isn’t an unsolicited message and won’t ignore you.

– Please remember the time zone difference if you live elsewhere when organising meetups. GameCentral is a UK based computer and video games website and as such most of it’s readers live there. If you live outside UK please indicate your time zone.