Games Nights & Clans

If you host regular games nights or have set up a GC clan/group please post it in the comments section below in the following format (please ignore time slot and regularity if not set in stone):

Game Name or Game Type(s) Played

Platform (e.g. PS4/Xbox One/PS3/Xbox 360/PC/ Vita/3DS/WiiU)

How Often (e.g. Weekly, Monthly)

The Time Slot (e.g. 7pm-9pm GMT)

Your Platform’s Network ID Name (e.g. PSN ID/Gamertag/Steam ID)

Game Modes Normally Played (e.g. ALL / Deathmatch / Capture The Flag / Checkpoint Race, as applicable to particular game or genre of game. We know there isn’t usually a deathmatch mode in football or driving games before you say so in the comments, this is a standard cut’n’paste text!)

Any Other Relevant Details (e.g. Any rules you play by)

PLEASE KEEP CHAT TO A MINIMUM IN THE COMMENTS. Ideally this section is for advertising your games night for a specified game and exchanging contact information. Chat will clutter it and make finding playing partners more difficult. Thank you.

Please add a reply comment to the relevant games night is no longer held or a clan/group has been disbanded. It is however your responsibility to communicate with regulars if you are simply taking a break for a week e.g. for holidays.


2 responses to “Games Nights & Clans

  1. zombiekicker (360) battlefield 3 conquest, borderlands 2 co op at moment, most nights

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