Request A Game Hub Added

We have a  search box and category filters to help you find the game you’re looking to play but if there is a game you don’t see listed that you’re looking for people to play against, please post your requests in the comments below.

The “hub” posts are for leaving your details so please don’t leave anything other than the game title in the comments of this page.

Depending on how busy the UK release schedule is for multi-player enabled games our policy is to add hubs for new games either the day before release (in case you get it in the post early), or the day of release.

Some GameCentral reviews are published much further in advance (e.g. imports) and we may decide to hold back until nearer the time.


10 responses to “Request A Game Hub Added

  1. HafodBoi (gamertag & Twitter)


  2. What about counter strike: global offensive (xbox 360)?

  3. Hero Academy (iOS & PC) Turn based strategy.

  4. How about Starcraft 2 (PC) and Mariokart 7 (3DS)? 🙂

    • Done and done. You can now post your details. Finding the GC review for StarCraft 2 was surprisingly challenging (not that the link to it is particularly important).

  5. Pool nation . XBLA ( dont know if its out on PSN )

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